Australia’s Best Cadastral Survey Marker

The LANDMARKER™ is a revolutionary new Cadastral Survey Marker that makes surveying easy.

This new generation permanent survey marker’s patented design ensures the plastic cap, when driven onto a steel pin, locks on and does not rotate.

Approved by the Surveyor Licensing Authorities, the LANDMARKER™ provides a permanent mark that is easy to relocate even if buried, burnt, or machine damaged.

The LANDMARKER™ cap can be directly number punched or identified with a spirit marker, and survey tacks are easily driven into the cap, even on the edges, where the mark is up against a wall or building.


  • Lightweight permanent survey mark
  • Unique locking system secures survey mark cap to steel pin
  • Steel pin provides permanent mark even if top is disturbed, buried, or burnt
  • Easily relocated with metal detector even if the top is disturbed
  • Easily positioned when driven into soft or hard ground
  • Available in three lengths – 300mm, 375mm, 450mm
  • Available with two different size caps – 50mm and 75mm
  • Available in various colours

Quality Materials

The LANDMARKER™ cap is manufactured from UV and colour stabilised polypropylene plastic, while the pin is made from galvanised steel. When used in hard, rough terrain, a dolly is used to drive the pin into the ground to protect and maintain the integrity of the top of the pin.

Easy to Use

The LANDMARKER™ is much easier to use than traditional wooden marks. In soft terrain, very little effort is needed to drive the mark into the ground. In hard terrain, the pin is driven into the ground first. By using a dolly the integrity of the pin is maintained. The cap is then firmly secured to the pin.

The steel pin provides a greater strength than the wooden peg and requires less energy to be driven into the ground. Striking the plastic cap with the same impact as if it were a wooden peg is not necessary and may break the cap. The plastic cap only needs to be tapped firmly onto the pin.

For further information about the LANDMARKER™ Cadastral Survey Marker email or phone (08) 9377 0744.