Landscaping Supplies & Fencing

Australia’s professional Landscapers rely on Sussex Industries for their landscaping and fencing supplies. We have the largest range of Tree Stakes available in Australia!


We also supply:

  • Bollards
  • Edging
  • Poles
  • Decking
  • Guide Posts
  • Lasers
  • Tree Ties
  • Levels
  • Root Guards
  • Measuring Wheels
  • Timber Cubing
  • Measuring Tapes

Sussex Industries also produces a special Tree Stake Driver designed for a 50 x 50mm tree stake.

Our tree stakes and bollards are available in jarrah and treated pine and can be painted or stained. Our bollards can also be produced with a variety of tops and rebates.



Tree, Nursery Stakes – Plain

  • 50 x 50mm x 150 – 2400mm – 4-way point
  • 38 x 38mm x 150 – 2100mm – 4-way point
  • 25 x 25mm x 150 – 2100mm – 4-way point
  • 18 x 18mm x 900 – 1500mm – 2-way point
  • 15 x 15mm x 600 – 1200mm – 1-way point
  • 12 x 12mm x 600 – 900mm – no point

Jarrah Bollards

  • 100 x 100mm – 1200 – 2400mm
  • 125 x 125mm – 1200 – 2400mm
  • 150 x 150mm – 1200 – 2400mm

Treated Pine

  • 50 x 50mm – 1800 – 2400mm

Tree Tie

  • PVC 300m roll

Treated Pine Poles & Bollards

  • 75mm – 200mm x 1200 – 4200mm
    Pointed, Dome Top, Chamfered Top, Rebated to order

Quality Flexible Fencing

If you’re looking for attractive fencing or want to keep your horses safe – Flexafence is the answer.

This Australian-made flexible fence is built tough to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. Available in white or black, Flexafence can be used as a single top rail or multi-rail system.

The Flexafence system is durable and visually appealing, which makes it ideal for landscaping applications, particularly where access to environmentally sensitive areas need to be isolated or controlled.

Why Choose Flexafence?

  • 120mm wide with 2 x 2.5mm galvanised high tensile wires top and bottom
  • PVC high tensile alloy plastic with high grade UV stabliser added
  • Hard gloss white finish, crisp clean appearance
  • Unique built in shock absorption qualities provide extra safety to valuable livestock
  • Smooth finish reduces snagging, scratching, abrasions, wind-sucking, rail chewing and crip biting
  • Never needs painting, requires minimal maintenance, retains fresh appearance throughout its life
  • Easy to install
  • Posts can be set up to 4m apart

For further information about our Landscaping and Fencing Supplies email or phone (08) 9377 0744.